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"When I decided to sell my last "brick and mortar" business, I resolved to learn internet marketing skills- this book is the shortcut I wish I had several years ago.."
John Holmberg

The world is changing as it always has, and I have been too. 

either you go with the flow or you struggl
the biggest hurdle is truly finding the most efficient way to get the education.
My Online Story
On August 5th of 2011 I was in the Goldsboro Coliseum in North Carolina with 20,000 other "Internet Marketers" learning how the world of marketing was changing- forever- thanks to the internet.

There were many reasons I was there, and all of a sudden I realized something- and said out loud to the persons next to me- 

"I have to sell my current business- quick!" One of those sitting next to me was Angie and she now has "retired" her husband- and herself- to travel the world using these same skills. They work from their laptops all over the world and I am too.

I realized in 2011 that I was running out of time to earn money and enjoy my family... owning a "brick and mortar" business with its associated costs was draining me, and owning an internet-based business would free up the time and expense parts of the equation. But what kind to start? (BTW I decided years ago that no one else would dictate my income or schedule- ever again.)

Thinking back on my success in business and as a charter captain- I really enjoyed the marketing aspect of my business efforts. I had been dabbling in the online space since 2005 and had more losers than winners in my efforts including as recently as February of 2018. All that changed in April 2018 after following my friend Angie to a new group of people and their training. You will hear more about her I am sure, as she is very successful.

Self proclaimed "Social Media experts" are everywhere and their information may have "been" current- this book is different... and it is very revealing.

90% of products are being sold through attraction marketing, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing today. These are skill sets you can learn and use to earn a great income. You can be more than a consumer of Social Media. 

If I can give you any advice it is this- if you want to start you own business there has never been a better time for many reasons- the only better time was yesterday!

My dream is to continue helping people around the world as I travel and race sailboats while spending quality time with my family and friends. What is your dream? I have spent years and thousands of dollars in educating myself, and I know it has been a great investment in “me”. 

Take action and educate yourself so you never regret or wonder what your "new career" could be.

This link takes you to the "Expert Secrets" free book (pay S&H) and is a way to look into this world. Email me if you want at john@holmbergonline.com- it’s not for everybody, but might be what you need to “make a change” in your life too.
"One day the music stops, make sure you were dancing"
- John Holmberg
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