Result Focused Marketing-
Using proven digital products

to grow your business volume.
"your measurable success

ensures mine"- John Holmberg.

Your customers have many ways to find you and the most economical way is through great service and word of mouth- that's what you do. Getting you more new customers is always a challenge, especially in today's busy internet based economy. The old advertising standards have been turned on their heads by technology, with customers choosing their own methods of finding services and products- when they want- instead of having them provided by print, TV and radio only. The problem now is that the advertising options are increasing and your budget may not be. How do you make it easy for customers to find you? The internet is a busy place- money spent on print ads has limited exposure, TV now boasts hundreds of channels- which one would you pick and at what cost?
FACT: "more than 58% of 
all searches in 2016 are on


Are you advertising where your customers can find you?
Your business requires new customers and will always need them. More customers equals more revenue- and revenue allows you to grow your business. Do you have a website? Does it respond to a mobile view? Is it on the first page of a google search? On the map? Very important today.
You need to have a marketing plan and an online presence to be competitive in today's digital world- that's what I do for you. Marketing is evolving and requires constant innovation to stay relevant- you either get good at it or partner with someone like me who does it with you- so you can focus on your passion and specialty. The reality is that you can provide better service than your competitor and yet they can have a steadier stream of business by marketing better. I have been in that position many times and have successfully created great marketing for many companies- both my own and for others.
Keeping pace with changing times-
Online Marketing is the great equalizer- your company can be found quicker online than any other way, and it does not have to cost a lot of money or more importantly- your time. The digital world is expanding quickly and requires attention to detail and constant education to realize a marketing benefit. This takes up valuable time from your workday- and distracts you from your primary effort of satisfying your customers needs. I partner with you exclusively in your market and ensure your site is front and center- customers ready to buy. 
Flat fee keeps you comfortable and costs less over time.
A key factor in any business is keeping expenses down and even though you write off your advertising- it is still dollars going out! Using a flat fee means that the more customers you get, the less each one of them costs. Pay per click works but is also difficult to monitor and budget for.
Know what your costs are going in and be surprised by the results- not upset at the cost.  

SEO (search engine optimization)WARNING
Driving leads to your business is the function of a good marketing plan and website- making good use of the leads is smart business- wasting the leads by not answering calls and email promptly is a waste of everyone's time.
A marketing plan has to work in conjunction with the business so that customers expectations are managed well, and your reviews will show the results- so will your balance sheet!

If you can't reach me I am probably spending time with the family!  :)

What makes a "good" digital presence? Each industry is different and most often the key measure (leads & sales) are forgotten by the person who wants it to "look" a certain way. While first impressions are important- if they don't pay the bills they are not!

Digital Media is the easiest to test and compare- allowing changes that grow your returns. There are reasons to continue with print and tangible advertising, yet the trend towards "search" continues. Your customers are learning and using these tools- make sure they can find you.

You have questions- so do I. Our first effort will be to see if we agree on how business gets done and then if we want to work together for our mutual benefit. Schedule a call or a meeting and I will buy the coffee.